PM Modi went country locker room
PM Modi went country locker room

PM Modi went country locker room | To comfort Shami, Jadeja


The ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 final was a heart-wrenching moment for Team India as they lost to Australia, missing out on the opportunity to secure their third World Cup trophy. Despite the disappointment, the valiant effort put forth by the Indian players did not go unnoticed. One significant gesture that brought solace to the dejected team was the visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the Indian dressing room after the final encounter. PM Modi’s presence and words of encouragement proved to be a motivating moment for the players, who were deeply hurt by the defeat.

Following the team’s exhausting loss to Australia, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who was present at the 2023 ODI World Cup final in Ahmedabad on Sunday, would visit the Indian dressing room at the Narendra Modi Stadium.

All-rounder Ravindra Jadeja and seamer Mohammed Shami, who finished the tournament with the most wickets, posted pictures of themselves with Prime Minister Modi on social media on Monday.

The Final Encounter: A Gritty Battle

In the final match, India faced a challenging task after posting a modest total of 240 runs in their innings. However, the Indian bowlers, led by Jasprit Bumrah and Mohammad Shami, displayed great determination and skill, putting the Australian batsmen under pressure. At one point, Australia found themselves struggling at 47/3 while chasing the target. But then, Travis Head played an exceptional innings of 137 runs, supported by Marnus Labuschagne’s composed knock of 57 runs, which ultimately drained the life out of the Indian bowling attack. Despite their best efforts, Team India couldn’t strike back and secure victory.

Sadly, yesterday did not turn out to be our day. I want to express my gratitude to all Indians for their support during the competition, both for me and our squad. We are grateful to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for visiting the dressing room in particular and cheering us up. We’ll get back up! said Shami, who became India’s highest wicket taker in the history of the ODI World Cup after taking 24 wickets in just seven matches.

PM Modi’s Visit: A Special and Motivating Moment

The disappointment felt by the Indian team was tangible, but PM Narendra Modi’s visit to the dressing room after the final encounter provided a ray of hope and motivation. Indian spinner Ravindra Jadeja took to social media to share the special moment, expressing gratitude for the support of the Indian people and highlighting PM Modi’s visit as something that uplifted the spirits of the team. Similarly, Mohammad Shami, the highest wicket-taker of the tournament, also expressed his gratitude to PM Modi for visiting the dressing room and boosting their morale.

Emotional Reactions from the Players

The loss in the World Cup final left the Indian players devastated, and they took to social media to share their thoughts and emotions. Middle-order batter Shreyas Iyer, who had displayed remarkable form throughout the tournament, expressed his heartbreak and gratitude for the opportunity to be a part of the World Cup. Ravichandran Ashwin, although not a regular in the playing XI, applauded the efforts of the Indian team and acknowledged the dominance of the Australian side.

Rahul Dravid’s Perspective: A Hard Moment to Witness

Indian head coach Rahul Dravid acknowledged the emotional impact of the defeat on the players. He stated that it was tough for him, as a coach, to witness the dejected dressing room. Dravid emphasized the hard work and sacrifices made by the players, expressing his pride in their efforts. He also highlighted the importance of experiencing highs and lows in a player’s career, and how these moments shape them as cricketers.

Inside the Dressing Room: A Glimpse of Emotions

Team India released a video showcasing the emotions inside the dressing room after the final loss. The video captured various moments, including Virat Kohli receiving recognition for his leadership on the field and Sachin Tendulkar praising Shreyas Iyer for his outstanding batting performance. The footage also depicted the crestfallen faces of Rohit Sharma and the Indian cricket team as they made their way out of the Narendra Modi Stadium.

Rahul Dravid's Perspective: A Hard Moment to Witness

Encouragement and Appreciation from T Dilip

Team India’s fielding coach, T Dilip, played a crucial role in lifting the spirits of the players after the crushing defeat. In a pep talk, he acknowledged the disappointment but emphasized the importance of being proud of their efforts. Dilip commended the players for their intent and energy, both on and off the field. He specifically highlighted the camaraderie displayed by the team, their support for one another, and the outstanding performance of the bowlers.

Conclusion: A Lesson to Bounce Back

The loss in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 final was undoubtedly a painful moment for Team India. However, the visit of PM Narendra Modi to the Indian dressing room and the words of encouragement from the coaching staff provided a glimmer of hope amid the heartbreak. The players, despite their disappointment, can take pride in their hard work and dedication throughout the tournament. This experience will serve as a valuable lesson for them to bounce back stronger and strive for future successes on the cricketing stage.