BW Vs UMUM Match Prediction
BW Vs UMUM Match Prediction

BW Vs UMUM Match Prediction | Pro kabaddi League 2023-24

BW Vs UMUM Betting Tips 

Bengals on the rise will play an unbeaten U Mumba.

The Warriors are ranked seventh in the points table, while U Mumba is ranked tenth.

In their most recent game, the Bengal Warriors defeated the Telegu Titans.

In their most recent match, the Patna Pirates thoroughly defeated U Mumba.


U Mumba, ranked tenth in the standings, are essentially eliminated from the competition. In their most recent game, the Pirates thoroughly defeated them. The three-time winners lost by a score of 21 points. U Mumba has suffered five straight losses as exhaustion got the better of them. Their players suffered from the long season. They are barely making it through the league stage, therefore Guman Singh’s absence affected them greatly. Currently ranked seventh in the points standings, the Bengal Warriors are in a vulnerable situation. The Warriors have struggled in the following game whenever they have regained momentum. 

Thankfully, they triumphed over the Telegu Titans by a commanding 20-point score. They now have an additional lifeline thanks to their win. Bengal could very well be able to make it to the next round with two games remaining in the league stage. However, they will need to win by a comparable amount against U Mumba. The Bengal Warriors were defeated by U Mumba by a mere 2 points in their most recent game of the season. However, in terms of form, both teams have now moved in different directions. While U Mumba appears worn out, the Warriors might use this as motivation to go through one more game in front of their supporters.


Bengal Warriors Preview

The former champions played six games and finished second in the points table. However, they lost steam fast in their subsequent games and dropped to seventh place. Bengal has only managed to win 8 of its 19 games, which might not be enough to get them into the playoffs. The Gujarat Giants defeated the Warriors last week. However, they were fortunate to play the Telegu Titans in their most recent game. Bengals gave the Titans another shot at the postseason by crushing them by 20 points. 

Though Captain Maninder collected eight points, their rookie raider Nitin Kumar scored a perfect ten. In addition to forcing four all-outs, the Bengal defense scored eighteen tackle points during the game. They scored 55 team points for one of their best performances. However, the Warriors have struggled in their subsequent game every time they have devised a match so brilliantly. Will these patterns persist?

With some very lethal raiding, Captain Maninder Singh has led from the front. After 136 raids that were successful, he has 174 raid points. There are five Super raids and eight Super 10s in total. The Bengal Warriors undoubtedly rely entirely on their skipper. The former champions have played in the most TIED games this season—two—of any other squad. With a Super 10, rookie raider Nitin Kumar excelled in this game. The Warriors are in luck because they have discovered the ideal replacement for Maninder Singh and Srikant Jadhav. 

U Mumba Preview

This season, U Mumba has fallen short of expectations. They put in a lot of effort to win six games over the season, but they struggled with malfunctions all through the competition. Mumba was never able to put together a potent combo that would enable them to regularly win games. U Mumba, ranked tenth in the standings, have very little chance of moving on to the next round.  

Their most recent game ended in a loss to the Patna Pirates. Despite Zafardanesh, the teenage Iranian raider, scoring a Super 10, their defenders were all below par. Mumba were worn out and exhausted as their rivals won the game by a score of 21 points. They suffered from Guman Singh’s disappearance since Mumba had no other raiders to rely on. 

U Mumba is dealing with a special problem: alternate raiders and a failure in their defense. Raiders Visvanath, Zafardanesh, and Guman Singh have all performed well, but not together. Every time Guman Singh and Zafardanesh failed to score, they suffered. In terms of tackles, Captain Surender Singh has performed somewhat above average. The U Mumba defense has not shown much promise as a whole. Defender Mahender Singh and right corner Rinku have performed, albeit patchily. Rinku Singh’s injury has made the Mumba defense even more vulnerable.


Winning Prediction

The Bengal Warriors are determined to win every game they have left in the current campaign. Having come in seventh in the points standings, it may be a close call for them. Thankfully, in their most recent encounter with the Telegu Titans, raider Nitin Kumar took the lead. He is also going to score a Super 10 versus U Mumba. The Mumba defense will be troubled by Captain Maninder Singh. He might wind up with a higher score than ten. Despite their recent patchiness, the Bengal defense should be able to handle the out-of-form Mumba raiders.

It appears that U Mumba are sitting ducks. Everything appears to be failing for them, with the exception of raider Zafardanesh. Their defense’s weakness could result in several all-outs and unintentional mistakes. Although Sombir and Santhapanaselvma, the two defenders, may be useful, it will be difficult to hold on in the second half. This could be the greatest setback for U Mumba this season. Bengal Warriors will have the opportunity to exact revenge for losing to Mumba. Bengal might make it to the next battle.