DDKC Vs TMAT Match Prediction

DDKC Vs TMAT Match Prediction | PKL Prediction 2024

DDKC Vs TAMT Betting Tips 

Dabang Delhi plays the outwitted Thalaiva from Tamil Nadu.

Dabang Delhi has advanced to the next round as they are ranked third in the points table.

This season, Tamil Thalaiva was unable to win enough games.

With eight wins and four ties in the previous season, Thalaiva finished fifth.

Tournament: Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) 

Venue: Netaji Indoor Stadium, Kolkata

Date, Time: 14-02-2024 | 07:30 PM IST

DDKC Vs TAMT Match Prediction & Analysis

Welcome to the last day of play between Dabang Delhi and the Tamil Thalaiva at the Netaji Indoor Stadium in Kolkata. Delhi has won 11 of its 20 games, securing its spot in the following round. Tamil Thalaiva has only won 8 of their 20 matches, hence they were unable to reach their peak at the appropriate time. If Tamil had been able to put in more effort, they could have easily won a few more games. However, this is not possible, and they will not advance to the following round.

Since it’s a must-win game for the Thalaiva, they might start several fresh young players. In their most recent game, Tamil was crushed by the Puneri Paltan by a massive margin of 27 points. This was the icing on the cake. It would have benefited the Thalaiva even if they could have reduced the lead to a few points.

Is it possible for them to recover from this beating? In a low-scoring game against the Jaipur Pink Panthers, Dabang Delhi also lost. However, Delhi has already secured enough victories this year. Dabang gave an outstanding effort, recuperating quickly from Naveen Kumar’s unfortunate injury. To keep their place among the top three teams in the points standings, Dabang Delhi will give it their all when playing the Thalaiva.


Dabang Delhi K.C. Preview

The last time around, the runners-up from season seven and the champions from season eight were left nursing their wounds after running out of gas to finish sixth. The main cause of this was Naveen Kumar’s bizarre mid-season injury. But this year, Dabang had a fallback option in Ashu Malik, despite Naveen Kumar suffering a catastrophic injury. In difficult times, Captain Ashu has served as their flag-bearer. After 190 successful raids, Ashu has accumulated 222 raid points. In season 10, he was the first player to reach a double century of points.

Of all the raiders, he also has the highest strike rate. With just one well-known player in Vishal Bharadwaj, Delhi’s defense appears to be lacking. Ranbir Singh Khokar, the new head coach, will need to create fresh defensive alliances. In order to construct an impregnable wall, he will need to experiment with numerous combinations for the corners and coverings.

This season, Yogesh and Ashish, two defenders, have developed a new alliance. Lethal and reliable have been both corners. Ashish has made 45 successful tackles in 17 games, compared to Yogesh’s 57 in 20 games. Due to their outstanding performances, both defenders will be the most sought-after at the auctions the next year. Thanks to these young people’s efforts, Dabang Delhi’s team tackle efficiency has increased by 40%. However, during their most recent game against the Jaipur Pink Panthers, Dabang was involved in a mess.

With a traditional slow-down tactic, Jaipur turned the tables and decreased Delhi’s raid earnings. Despite Ashu Malik’s nine points, none of the backup raiders were able to contribute. Delhi attempted to use Manu, a young raider, but he was only able to score two points. Dabang Delhi’s second weakness was their insufficient defense. Despite earning seven tackle points apiece, Ashish and Yogesh were unable to open their account due to the efforts of defenders Vikrant and right cover Mohit. When Dabang Delhi plays the Tamil Thalaiva, they intend to address this problem. 

Tamil Thalaivas Preview

Over the years, one of the most well-liked teams on the circuit has underperformed. Typically residing in the lower echelons of the points hierarchy, the Thalaiva was an exceptional player who never achieved stardom. Still, its supporters have faith in this club, who shocked everyone by placing fifth in the previous campaign. Tamil Thalaiva, lacking any well-known figures, united as a squad to accomplish some audacious triumphs.

However, since the men in yellow entered the competition somewhat late, season 10 has been uneventful for them. Despite their fantastic midseason run, the Thalaiva were unable to win enough games. Tamil Thalaiva, who won eight games and was ranked ninth in the points table, was unable to advance to the next round. 

Defensors Sagar and Himanshu, together with intriguing names like Ajinkya Pawar and Narender, emerged from the ashes to win accolades for their team. Sagar recorded 45 effective tackles in 17 games, making him one of the top defensive players of season 9. Sahil Gulia, their left corner, was accurate in his tackles, recording 53 successful stops in 23 games during season 9. 

However, despite both defenders’ heroics this season, the Thalaiva was not spared. In 20 games, Sagar and Sahil have combined for 120 successful tackles. However, the Thalaiva’s combined raid earnings fell short of expectations. The Puneri Paltan crushed Tamil in their most recent match. They were defeated by 27 points in the game, which essentially closed doors for them.

After Narender Kandola was neutralized by the Puneri Paltan, Tamil Thalaiva was forced to use several raiders as a last resort. They had no success with this at all. The fact that neither Sahil nor Raunak could even access their accounts further demonstrated how the Paltan raiders tricked the defenders. The Puneri Paltan’s cunning tactical net trapped the Thalaiva, making this an unfortunate excursion for them. Additionally, this defeat eliminated any chance of moving on to the following round. 


Winning Prediction

Feeling vindicated, Dabang Delhi takes on the Tamil Thalaiva. That occurred as a result of their losing badly against the Jaipur Pink Panthers in their most recent game. Despite moving on to the following round, they suffered a significant momentum setback against Jaipur. Ashu Malik, the captain, will score a massive Super 0 by taking advantage of the worn-out Tamil defense. Raiders from Delhi must supplement his efforts. As one of them will score a Hi 5, the defenders Ashish and Yogesh will put up a fight against the Tamil pirates. 

Tamil Thalaiva, who haven’t won enough games to qualify, will give fresh players a tryout. Raiders with early trials could include Satish, Vishal Chahal, and Jatin. However, Amirhossein Bastami and M. Khaboudrahangi, two Iranian defenders, stood out in the most recent game. They’ll show off their unadulterated strength to stop the raiders with Delhi support. The Tamil Thalaiva will be aggressive in the first half even though they might not be able to push Dabang Delhi too much overall. The men in yellow will finish on the right side of the finish line, and Dabang might give them several all-outs.