HS Vs PUNP Match Prediction
HS Vs PUNP Match Prediction

HS Vs PUNP Match Prediction | PKL Predictions 2023-24

HS Vs PUNP Kabaddi Tips 

Can the Steelers get through the Puneri stronghold?

U Mumba were defeated by Haryana Steelers in their previous game.

In a low-scoring contest, Puneri Paltan defeated the formidable Bengal Warriors by three points.

In their final meeting of the season, the Steelers triumphed against the Paltan.

Tournament: Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) 

Venue: Tau Devilal indoor stadium, Panchkula

Date & Time : 19 Feb 2024 | 09:00 PM IST

HS Vs PUNP Match Prediction & Analysis 

The Haryana Steelers’ season has peaked at the ideal time, which has enabled them to guarantee a spot in the following round. Their success has been attributed to pure collaboration. Their young players performed admirably whenever they were given the chance. The Puneri Paltan will be the Haryana Steelers’ toughest opponent before to the elimination round. From season 9, The Paltan has maintained its excellent performance. The Paltan has shown up to every game since losing in the finals the previous year in an attempt to exact revenge. Their defense is unbreakable, and their raiding is agile.

The Haryana Steelers won their most recent game against U Mumba. Young raider Vishal Tate made a spectacular debut with 15 raid points, therefore it was a high-scoring match. Harsh and Monu Hooda both got four tackle points, and defenseman Naveen Kundu scored a high five. Bengal Warriors were defeated by Puneri Paltan thanks to their astute tactics. Raider Akash Shinde scored a Super 10, but overall, this was a low-scoring match. In their first encounter of the season, Pune was defeated by the Steelers. Many young players from both teams will be put to the test in this encounter as they look to advance to the next round.


Haryana Steelers Preview

The Haryana Steelers are one of the league’s most gifted but unconventional teams. They have a ton of talented players, but occasionally the team becomes less focused. They fell to the UP Yodha, giving their season a false start. The next two games saw an improvement by the Steelers. The Steelers finished their last five games at the ideal moment to qualify for the elimination round. Despite losing a lot of games in the opening few weeks of the season, the Haryana Steelers finished seventh in 2017. Even though they rallied in the final few weeks, they were unable to secure a spot in the play-offs.

The team under Coach Manpreet has adopted a “do or die” mentality. It is not often known that the Steelers are adept raiders. In certain games, they suffered as a result of this deficiency. However, Haryana has prospered because they employ the Puneri method of raid teamwork. In the majority of games, Raiders Vinay and Shivam Patare have shown consistency. This allowed Siddharth Desai to get back into shape.

In the most recent game versus U Mumba, teenage raider Vishal Tate of the Haryana Steelers was let loose. In the end, Vishal earned 15 raid points. The Steelers utilized this game to debut young defenders like Harsh, Naveen Kundu, and Monu Hooda because they had already advanced to the next round. In the game, the Haryana defense racked up 14 tackle points. Ashish, an all-rounder, has had success in particular contests. Together with skipper Jaideep Dahiya, right cover Mohit Nandal and left corner Mohit have formed a strong combination. Rahul Sethpal, the right corner, has also been more consistent.

Puneri Paltan Preview

For the first many seasons in the PKL, the Puneri Paltan was an ordinary squad. They attempted a number of players, but they were never successful. Their team’s transformation began in Season 8, when they began to play consistently. They had one of their best seasons in Season 9, making it all the way to the finals before falling to the Jaipur Pink Panthers.

The Paltan has already advanced to the following round with 15 wins out of 20 games. Sanket Sawant, the left cover, and Abhinesh, the defender, have both moved with precision. With a team tackle efficiency of almost 56%, they have the highest. Gaurav Khatri and Mohamedreza, the defenders, have been outstanding. This season, Mohamedreza has completed 80 successful tackles.

Three youthful raiders combined with a strong defense is their recipe for success. Mohit Goyat, Pankaj Mohite, and captain Aslam Inamdar are a formidable combination for their rivals. It is quite tough to control the Puneri Paltan because even if one of them doesn’t score, the others still intervene. The Puneri Paltan have also acquired an intriguing habit of keeping up a high level of intensity throughout the bouts. They intimidate their opponents by scoring a lot of points throughout the game. However, the Haryana Steelers are using a similar tactic, thus this will be one of the season’s most exciting games.


Winning Prediction

The match between the Puneri Paltan and the Haryana Steelers promises to be spectacular. In the beginning of the competition, Haryana was a little erratic, but they have since recovered. They will therefore go into this encounter with a lot more assurance. Given that the younger players have already qualified, it will be fascinating to see if coach Manpreet plays them in this game. The Haryana raider with the Super 10 will be one. To neutralize the Puneri raiders, the Steelers will have to rely on their defense. The secret to their success will be Naveen Kundu and Captain Jaideep.

It’s possible that Paltan won’t alter lock stock on their end. The same group of guys will play defense, although in the first half, some new raiders might be tested. During the opening 20 minutes of the contest, the Paltan will attempt to slow it down. However, they will pick up the ante after the break. The defensive strategies of both sides will be tested in this game. This match may be more entertaining than all the others, given their previous meeting was a high-scoring affair.